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Standard Install for Hi Wall Split 1.7 kW - 4.5 kW

Standard Install for Hi Wall Split 1.7 kW - 4.5 kW

Standard Install for Hi Wall Split 1.7kW ~ 4.5 kW includes standard single storey back-to-back installation for Metro Melbourne, Bendigo and Albury Wodonga...


  • Licensed installer
  • Compliance certificates
  • Up to 5 metres of pipework and Communication cable connecting the indoor fan coil unit and outdoor condensing unit
  • Up to 20 metres of electrical ran from the location of the outdoor to the main switch board
  • PVC ducting to conceal pipework and electrical connections
  • Our choose of either a Wall Bracket (to mount the outdoor to the exterior Wall for the back-to-back install or a Polyslab for the outdoor.


Additional charges may apply:

This standard install package includes of the above, but at times some applications require more material or have additional cost involved.

Some of the more common reasons additional costs apply:

  • Double storey properties
  • Non-back-to-back installations
  • Extra piping \ Electrical Cable
  • Electrical work (e.g., electrical Switch board upgrades)



If the Contracted Installer requires to add additional costs, they will review these with you before work is started, but generally these can be discussed prior to the day of install so there are no unexpected costs involved.


Using a quality installer is very important to ensure your purchase continues to be an investment by making sure it is done professionally and in accordance with the manufacturers requirements and allow the warranty for your product to be valid, the installation will also come with a 5-year guarantee

    Sales Tax Included
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